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Retail of safety and protection equipment

Founded in Germany in 2012, GFMM Worker GmbH counsels with retail of safety and protection equipment, also factory safety and health related technology.

The company has been engaged in environmental, safety and health professional work for more six years, and we'll keep working for it. We're also in line with government regulations, on-site environmental, safety and health management. We've taken the responsibility and commitment for the industrial environment and safety. 

In order to present our profession, we highlighted the service, expand the service level, and set up the training organization to provide higher quality and more professional services for the institutions. We also expanded the business projects, including safety training: Specific lectures (opening in the factory), labor inspection and safety advisory services, operating environment measurement, sampling analysis. Besides, we provide the training services as following:  Explosion-proof, local ventilation construction, counseling and verification of occupational safety and health management, occupational disaster treatment identification, suspension of work plan for resumption of work, etc.